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Medical What's it called when

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    What's it called when....

    Is there a term for the phenomenon that I experienced last weekend ? I got out the steamvac to clean carpets and noted the dirty water collector tank was missing. I looked all over the house and garage and even looked on the patio for it. This is not a small part. It is about a foot deep and ten inches wide. I could NOT find it.

    Today, I went to iron a shirt in the spare room where the steamvac is kept and guess what was on the ironing board?
    Plain as day right in front of my eyes!!! :surprised I had probably looked directly at the tank who knows how many times but didn't see it.
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    Not-looking-at-the-right-places-syndrome? :uhh:
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    Math Is Hard

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    An interesting question. Perhaps you were giving some judgemental weight to places the part might be found and the ironing board had a low probability as a candidate. So even if you glanced in that direction it received very low attention and didn't make it past your sensory register for further processing.
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    I have heard my friends talk about their husbands who never seem to be able to find or see something that is right in front of them (especially if it is in the refrigerator). When it happened to me, it made me wonder if I had been using a different logic or thought process than usual.
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    How about snake bit syndrome? 'Cause if it was a snake it would have bit me............six or seven times:grumpy:
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    Another one of my anecdotal reports, this one on this phenomenon, which I suggest we call changrin de vu.

    Long, long ago I was involved in an involved, ultimately unsuccessful love affair. On one occasion very late in the affair I got word that unless I called my inamorata that night all bets were off. I was in the student union when this happpened at dinnertime, and I had about a mile walk though town to my lodgings, so I started looking for a pay phone, but I couldn't find one. I looked faithfully all along that mile but no pay phones, and the room I rented had no phone so I was up the proverbial creek. No call.

    I slept soundly that night and woke up refreshed. Walking the same route back to the union for breakfast, I counted four pay phones.

    That's when I really started to believe in the subconscious.

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    I believe it's called attention blindness. Jay Ingram wrote 'Theatre of the Mind' - an entire book about how we only consciously process about 5% of what we take in. It's a great book.
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    Motorists stop at intersections, and look for other cars. Unfortunately for me, they'll often look right through me, a bicyclist, as if I were not there. :frown:

    - Warren
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    I heard other names for it, like domestic Blindness?
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    That would be it. Now I am wondering if I really lost the boat keys or if they are sitting here right in front of me now.........:uhh:
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    Not if you paint it fire engine red with dry ice on the wheels and ride nude!
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