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What's it like to be a crackpot?

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    I just had the pleasure of reporting a particularly fascinating crackpot thread. Probably over 2000 words and many images, seemed to have taken a while to put together. I kind of wish I hadn't reported it so more people could see it, it was that fascinating, but now deleted. It began by saying

    "The Big Bangers, Sagan, Hawking et al, are idiots and stretcher case retards whose impetus is the dumbing down of mankind, who remain the scientific equivalent of politicians and journalists, blind to hard evidence that 911 was an inside job!"

    then went on to try to disprove every (and I really mean every!) thing we know about the universe.

    What goes on in these people's heads? What is their motivation? What would it be like to get inside the mind of a crackpot? Or is that like asking what it would be like to be an electron?
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    That one was a doozy. Hard to tell when they are that elaborate if the person is insane or if they're bored and put together an elaborate joke to try to get people upset. It's always good to nip them in the bud as quickly as possible.
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    I wish I had saved it, it really was a work of art.
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    I think it is a feeling of goodness about oneself and raises the self esteem for the desperate one.
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