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What's mathematical methods?

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    Hey guys, well im getting into year 10 now and im sorta stressing over VCE..
    ill be doing a unit 1 and 2 subject and i was just thinking about mathematical methods which is a subject.
    i had a look at a few exam papers online and didn't have a clue what it was about.
    anyways it'd be really great if someone could give me a link to understanding or a tutorial to watch it online :)
    sorry if this thread is in the wrong section, kinda knew here and it's veryyyyyy laggy for me.
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    Is one asking about the mathematical skills/proficiency required or expected for VCE? Or is one simply asking for a definition/explanation of mathematical methods?

    I take it that VCE = Victorian Certificate of Education.

    Perhaps this would help. Look at the Word (doc) file and one can download the more detailed pdf. The doc file summarizes the 4 units and expectation for outcomes when the student completes each unit. The mathematical methods are algebra, probability, etc.

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