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What´s new on Scientific Method research?

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    Does anyone can point me the most recent works on science philosophy? What are the most recent researches on the scientific method and how it is defined today? Can someone please indicate me recent papers?
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    Paul Churchland: http://philosophy.ucsd.edu/Faculty/pmc.html [Broken] . You can further search for other articles by him but I consider him to be doing the most interesting work in philosophy of science.
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    Relational Frame Theory and Functional Contextualism are among the cutting edge of research in this field.

    For the last hundred years each of the branches of the sciences has steadily adopted holistic theories which, by definition, describe more than linear logical ones can. This trend originated with holistic physical theories of Quantum Mechanics and Relativity, and for the last fifty years or so since their original formulation and widespread acceptance a search has ensued to bridge all the sciences using a single holistic philosophical perspective.

    Relational Frame Theory, devised by Radical Behaviorists and Functional Contextualists, has provided the first science to successfully span the cognitive and behavioral sciences. Thus it provides the first lynch pin to anchor the modern cognitive sciences with the physical ones. The race is now on to fill in the gaps in a meaningful way.

    Functional Contextualism promotes the idea that words and concepts only have demonstrable meaning according to their function in a given context. This includes such words as "scientific method", and recent research suggest that what we often refer to as scientific research has little in common with the widely accepted ideas of what the scientific method is and is not.

    In other words, Relational Frame theory takes the idea of the scientific method out of the ivory tower and puts it to the test where the rubber meets the road.
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