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What's next for me?

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    I'm currently doing cambridge a-levels in college. The subjects that i have chosen are physics, mathematics , further mathematics and chemistry. Chemistry and maths are my favourite subjects and i'm considering taking chemical engineering in the future.. but i m still quite undecided at the moment . can anyone please give me some useful piece of advice? thanks:smile:
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    Hey maylyn and welcome to the forums.

    In terms of advice, my advice to you is to remain flexible in your thinking.

    Chances are you will not have a good idea specifically of what you want to get into, and this is a normal thing. Many engineering programs, at least my country have a flexible first year where you do foundational physics, chemistry and math and don't lock you in to a specific stream.

    On top of that, a particular degree or pathway does not mean you have to do a certain specific job. If you read other posts on this forum you will see what I mean.

    Also it can be a good idea to get acquainted with things that are non-technical. It may not make sense now, but it often helps in unexpected ways.

    So yes, don't be stressed about having to make this kind of decision now, and if your flexible and have a good attitude, then that will be a good basis for getting anywhere in any field.
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