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What's next?

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    I'm currently working as a design engineer in an auto-components company in the Philippines. I just recently got my license last October and just got newly hired there. The working schedule is light and the environment is good. The training really develops my electronics ability.

    I want to share my knowledge with the other people, especially to students who want to be an engineer like me. My junior school mates and my professors also want me to pursue academic field but I don't know where to start. I'm good in Mathematics, Electronics and Physics. Should I pursue master's degree or something? Kindly help me decide. Thank you!

    PS: Sorry for my sentence construction if it looks weird. I'm not that good in english.
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    This serves as my self-introduction too right? Since I have described myself above...
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    Welcome to PF!
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    I suggest making a post in the academic guidance forum.
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    Ohh thanks!
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    Welcome Eucliddo!
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