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Homework Help: Whats the acceleration?

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    the following data apply to the speaker system:
    coil diameter = 5.8cm
    coil turns = 86
    coil and cone mass = 30g
    magnetic flux density = 0.12T
    Current in the coil = 1.8A
    Using the above data, the acceleration of the cone will be?
    A) 12.6 b) 79.3 c) 113 d) 247

    This comes from my revision sheet i dunno how number of turns related to this

    30/1000 x a = 1.8 x 0.12 x 2pi x 5.8/100 x 86

    a = 113 (SOLVED THX!)
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    .. so you've solved this OK now?! :smile:

    Also.. Remember your units! :wink:
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