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What's the deal with Bing?

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    It was being advertised weeks in advance as some kind of stand up comic show..."come to the Bing-athon with Olivia Muntz!!" People were curious. Basically they were pulling the "Gabbo" stunt from the Simpson's.

    The Bing-athon turned out to be two people on a stage telling you to use Microsoft's new search engine, and giving out a puppy to some girl for every X searches. Okay....

    Now I see another advertisement for Bing which shows people mindlessly spouting off facts they read from the internet. It's an advertisement for Bing, because apparently, if you use Bing, you won't learn any random facts?

    Doing a search with Bing, the only difference I notice from google is that half the page doesn't load due to ad/script blocking

    Well, I'm thoroughly unimpressed...but why does Microsoft think their product is so revolutionary?
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    Well, the live.com cash back thing is pretty cool. And the site looks a lot nicer than google's all white and blue white format. The traffic maps are pretty sweet also.

    I don't necessarily like MSs marketing department but the site seems interesting though.
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    Bing sucks because MS sucks.
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    Viral marketing. I think it needs to be done right otherwise people will only be let down.
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    I bing'ed (what!!) my name and it came up with my driver license number, SS number, date of birth, address, and over due library books. :eek:

    You should see the stuff it has for Moonbear and Greg :devil:
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    I hope it's able to mount a reasonable challenge to Google (my preferred search engine).
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    You can now google things with bing. Bing, the new way to google.
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    Bing is a pretty good attempt at creating a useful SE. I actually use the travel feature often. Should be interesting to see it evolve.
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    I've always thought that was the reason Google became popular in the first place. While Yahoo and Excite and Altavista and AskJeeves all had these slow-loading advert filled annoying pages that you didnt want to load every time you open your browser, Google was all business. graphics dont help you search..

    Still seems like it's just Google + maps.google with nothing new
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