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What's the difference between Mechanics, Dynamics and Kinematics?

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    Mechanics, Dynamics and Kinematics?
    Just wondering, been asking myself this for a while, so I thought I'd post it.
    Thx for any replies already.
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    Mechanics,classical mechanics that is,comprises 3 big subtheories:
    1.Statiscs.Describes the properties of bodies that do not interact.E.g.it calculates mass center coordinates,inertia moments,volumes,surfaces of bodies.Its notions are:mass,volume,mass density,moment of inertia...
    2.Kinematics.In general kinematics studies movement.Its notions include "coordinate","velocity","speed","acceleration","momentum","kinetic energy","angular momentum"...
    3.Dynamics means evolution under the influence of forces.The key-word is 'force' and notions which include "force":torque,potential (enertgy),work,(mechanical) power...

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    Thank you, Daniel!
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