What's the free body diagram?

Physics -> General physics.In summary, R2D2 rides on the Ferris wheel at a velocity of 2.8m/s. The net force on R2D2 is F = ma. The acceleration is a = 2.8m/s2.f
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Homework Statement

3. Consider R2D2 (a droid) with mass 30kg riding on a Ferris wheel with diameter 25m, with a velocity of 2.8m/s.
a) Compute the free body diagram for R2D2 at the exact top, exact bottom and at both horizontal positions. Remember to include gravity. (Note: The forces act in different directions relative to the acceleration of the Ferris wheel. Where does the extra acceleration go?)
b) Give the net force and acceleration at each of these points. State any patterns that you see.
c) Give a set of equations for the general circular motion in gravity problem if we consider mass m, diameter d and velocity v.

Homework Equations

not sure of any

The Attempt at a Solution

r2d2 30kg mass ferris wheel 25m diameter velocity is 2.8 m/s
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Google: "Free Body Diagram". You should be able to do at least a bit of research before posting.

Homework Equations

not sure of any
What kind of motion is involved? What equations are associated with that type of motion?
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Yes, otherwise know as circular motion. Your textbook should have a section on it.

dont have a textbook
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yeah but we have to buy it
Then you'll need to find other resources. The web has all kinds of introductory physics sites with course materials. Also check out the pinned thread,

Free Physics Books

In the Science and Math Text Books forum.
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what kind of equations are there for circular motion
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what kind of equations are there for circular motion
For this problem or in general?

For this problem you need to know the equation for the centripetal force and some trig to add vectors.

More generally there are equivalents for all the linear equations. For example..

Force = mass * acceleration

Torque = moment of inertia * angular acceleration

All the SUVAT equations that apply to linear motion with constant acceleration have equivalents for rotation.
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what kind of equations are there for circular motion
Cribbing from my response to a very similar question in another of your threads,

Uh uh. We're not here to do your research for you. Do a web search on "projectile circular motion". Read some articles and maybe watch a few videos on the subject.
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