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What's the morse code women have with men?

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    I've heard there are researchers who study the process of men asking women on dates. They'll go to public places, with their notebooks, where people ask others on dates, and then statistics are computed. Then it gets published in academic peer-review journals. I've heard that others have independently come to the same conclusions and the National Science Foundation even conducted research. They found that most of the time when a man asks a woman on a date, the woman had already sent off certain types of body language signals beforehand (reminds me of the morse code). Most of the time when a man gets rejected by a woman, the woman didn't actually send him these body language signals.

    I know women sometimes say they're chapfallen that men they like won't ask them on a date. Then at the same time I overhear women saying they hate it when men they're not interested ask them on a date, and they think it should be obvious to them.

    So a question for the women, how do you recommend in going about deciphering the body language "morse code" signals women send out?
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    Please repost with reference(s) so the members here can evaluate. Thanks.
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