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Whats the most important development in physics in the last 10 years?

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    Someone asked me this today, and I couldn't think of one thing that was obviously more important than the rest. What's your opinion?
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    Well, it's very hard to categorise what is or is not important scientifically speaking. Seemingly usely developments - eg. discovering of jerking frogs legs can often lead to huge advances, eg. electricity, and significant discoveries can turn out to be red herrings. Eg. formulation of ether theory, alchemy. While M-theory, LQG, DSR , Higgs fields and so on all seem pretty important right now, only time will tell.
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    Ivan Seeking

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    Quantum Dots.

    http://qt.tn.tudelft.nl/grkouwen/qdotsite.html [Broken]

    Biological quantum dots go live

    Quantum dots count microwave photons

    Scientists activate neurons with quantum dots

    Sandia researchers use quantum dots as a new approach to solid-state lighting:
    http://www.sandia.gov/news-center/news-releases/2003/elect-semi-sensors/quantum.html [Broken]

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    Claude Bile

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    Photonic band gaps could be big....
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