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What's the most mileage you ever put on a Vehicle?

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    Presently, and still in use, my '84 s-10 pick up with 261,000+ miles.
    what about you or someone you know?
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    86 VW Jetta Diesel ~546,000 Kms = (roughly) 13 times around the planet, oH and Ummmm, should we include commercial driving in this? like in 'trucking'?
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    Heh, 36,000 miles. I'm not kidding. Every car I buy gets totalled by some nut or drunk. I am no longer a defensive driver, I am a PARANOID driver. You are all out to get me.

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    Here's a rather extreme solution:

    Reinforce your car with tempered steel skirtings (a la bumper cars) that are connected to the car's steel frame. Permanently weld it together and place a cowcatcher in the front, protecting against head-on collisions. Make the car bulletproof and attach a rather large cannon on top with auto-targeting system if anyone swerves into your path.

    That should discourage them.
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    Now that is a good solution. Most mileage i have put on a car is...uhm...32926...that is my current mileage on my car...and...since i am 18, and have had my liscense for a little over a year, that is pretty much all i have been able to drive.
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    i just traded in a 96 GTI with 98000 miles on it...i heard horror stories of what happens to volkswagens when they hit 100000, so i bought a different VW with less miles on it...
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    Only if you forget to change the timing belt....
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    75K- my current Ford Taurus.

    And I also got a used 86 Renault alliace with 140k miles and put another 60 on it before it died and I left it. That car was a rusted out piece of junk, but it sure ran like a champ.

    I also probably hold the record for the most cars own- 22 by the age of 24- and I didn't even start driving until I was 18- do the math. Of course after 24 I slowed down a bit(got some decent cars).

    My favorite was the Nissan 280ZX. That was a rusted out hunk of junk, but it had twin turbos, so that thing could fly.
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