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What's the nastiest thing you can imagine?

  1. Jan 3, 2004 #1
    How about frog warts, or ingrown toenails oozing brownish green pus, or a dripping and oozing scab that somehow falls in the soup pot at a buffet table, or a slimy, green booger that someone deposits on a sink lavatory, or a buzzard crashing through the front windshield of a passenger bus going 70 mph on the freeway spraying all inside with the guts of its last meal. OOOOH, I better quit, I'm making myself nauseaus. This is just food for thought. OOOOPs.
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    Sliding down a slide with rusty razor blades sticking out of it, naked and then landing in a large deposit of salt and having a rather fat person jumping up and down on top of you, whilst you both naked!
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