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Whats the Number?

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    if it hasent been doen before:

    whats the cahracter/name for the 10th value in a scale of base 11
    (ie: base 10 has 0-9, base 2 has 0 + 1)
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    I think it's customary to start using A, B, etc. You can still call the numeral by any name that represents the same number. Any name that you use is just another numeral from another numeral system. If A in your base-11 system represents the number that is called 10 in the base-10 system or ten in English, you can say that A represents 10 or ten if that helps clarify something.
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    yep i was just wondering what other numerals there were

    is there anyware that over base 10 is used regularly?
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    In computer science, I believe. You can try starting at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Numeral_system.

    And welcome to PF, by the way! :smile:
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    i like this
    how true
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    Famously, the Maya used a base 20 system. I don't speak Mayan, though, so I'm not sure what the numerals were called. The most obvious place where bases over 10 are used today, in western countries, is in time-keeping. We use a base 60 system to count to minutes and hours from seconds, although we use the names of base 10 numerals.
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    I don't know what they were called either, but here is what they look like:


    The base 60 system was used in Babylonia.


    Also, there is a traditional Chinese system that uses a combination of base 10 and base 12 systems into a base 60 system.

    http://www.chinapage.com/12animals.html [Broken]

    More pertinant information can be found here:

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