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What's the protocol for when someone solves our homework question?

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    Hey there,

    Back in PF-3 we had the "thanks" button, which we could use to thank whoever solved our HW question. We don't have that feature any longer, which begs the question:

    What's the protocol for when someone solves our homework question? Should we "like" the post? Should we reply with a "thanks"? Should we PM the user with our life-story and ask him for money? Should we send him a picture of our... private parts... as a "thank you"?

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    Definitely go with the pictures. Asking for money is rude.
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    It depends on the person, some hate likes, some like likes, others would rather you post a thank you in the thread.
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    You don't intend to do a research on cultural changes (i.e on online discussion boards), do you ? forums don't seem active like they used to be anymore.
    I also see people thank others who answered their questions on board but I expect them to say something else more than just "thank you" or "thanks".
    "Like" is fine, but that is too "facebooked".
    Other than that, I would love to add a link "Dislike" too to see who is for or against.
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    Simon Bridge

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    I think it's nice if people buy me drinks.
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    Why not like their reply AND post "thanks for the help"? Really solves everything.

    As for posting intimate pictures.. Alas I feel it is more 4chan than physics forums, but you should definitively try it
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    I agree with Nikitin, like the response and post a reply thanking the user who helped you.
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    That does seem to be the best option. I'll do it from now on.
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