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What's the purpose of a forum if discussion is not allowed?

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    I signed up for this site thinking I could ask some questions and get some pointers for further reading. But then this person Peter Donis, jumped in and killed my thread: "Thread Status: Not open for further replies" after only responding himself. I lifted this comment of his from another thread: "Please do not try to learn actual science from pop science videos and articles." I suppose this isn't the right site for learning and conversation.
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    Let me guess, you didn't read our guidelines, did you? :smile:

    This community is for learning mainstream published science.

    It was closed by mistake. Reopening now.
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    No, you are correct, I didn't read the guidelines. Perhaps you should require users to read them before letting them enroll, or how about just having a friendlier way of telling people about your guidelines. Or make it somehow clear that: "this community is for learning mainstream published science" only, not for people just setting out on their learning. I did label my thread as "high school" level of understanding thinking that would be sufficient. Perhaps that shouldn't be an option if such level of understanding seems to be unwelcome. At the very least, I think this P. Donis fellow could tame his responses a little. It is very off putting.
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    During registration you were required to click a box saying you read the guidelines and agree.

    Same thing. And during thread creation there is a side bar box with our values along with another link to our guidelines.
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    I don't see why these two alternatives are mutually exclusive. Learning mainstream published science, if you don't currently know it, is "just setting out" on your learning.
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