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Whats the recipe to

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    guys, I need good advices to tackle dynamics with a horrible teacher..:confused: :frown:
    thanks in advance for help
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    Find a copy of the solutions manual and sit through and work out every single problem. I have to do that myself, because I SUCK at dynamics.
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    that's what I'm doing, but its nearly impossible not to look at the solutions when solving the problems. Plus our professor gives us totally different problems on the exams.
    thanks for your advice:cool:
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    Keep searching. I have seen a lot of sources on the internet. There are, surprisingly, a lot of professors that have open access to their lecture notes etc...Get really good with Google. You'll be amazed how much info you can find.
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    would you give me the link?
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    ha, im dealing with the same thing here, except i cant understand mine as well, some crazy accent... where are you abouts? im in Lafayette college in PA
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    Here's a start:

    http://ocw.mit.edu/OcwWeb/Mechanical-Engineering/2-032Fall-2004/LectureNotes/index.htm [Broken]
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    And use the PF Homework forums. :cool:

    That's why we are here. :biggrin:
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    thanks for your help guys. I wish it took me less time to solve just one problem :rolleyes:
    BTW any more books in mind?
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    Hibbeler is good, BJ=too dense and hard to read :confused:
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