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What's the science evidence for this? Do women have as much as calves muscles as men?

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    What's the scientific evidence regarding who has bigger calves muscle? Men or women?

    I have heard that women have bigger calves than men because in the pregnancy in which they use their legs.

    I have heard that men have bigger calves than women because they have more testosterone than women.

    Genetics is another factor.

    However, this is proven that men have more muscles than women. What's the scientific evidence regarding either men or women have bigger calves than each other?
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    The average height and weight of men is larger than that of women. That's about as narrow a generalization that can be made: otherwise, individual variation is pretty big.
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    I have observed that calf size is primarily a function of body weight (even among the obese), i. e., exercising while walking in general. Also, bicycling seems to work out the calves.
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