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What's the story!

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    Hi everybody (to those who remember me). Hope all is well with you. I'm now in the bay area, in a city called "High Stick" in spanish and work in an office very close to the MemChu. :)
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    Dude! Hello there. Nice to have you back.
    I have no idea as to who the hell you are, but the wings are neat.
    (Kidding, old bean... of course we remember you. Fluid dynamics or somesuch was your your forte, right?)
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    Don't know anything about Michaelis-Menten Kinetics, do you? I have a question in the homework - other sciences section that needs answering...
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    Hello old chap. I was recently wondering what happened to you. I'm still working for the same old same old, but living and working in China at the moment. Good to see you're still alive and well!
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    Welcome back!!! So nice to see you again!
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    Welcome back!
    Hope to see you here more often! :)
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    Hi Clausius! I just got back here after a long hiatus of being overworked too! Good to see familiar names returning.

    Hi to Brewie too! China? Wow, sounds exciting!
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