What's the stupidest conspiracy you can think of?

the tree said:
What is the stupidest, most unlikely, needlessly complicated and generaly crazy conspiracy theory that you can think of?
Here's some pretty tame ideas, see if you can beat them.

* The little flakes in blue toothpaste that get called whitening strips don't actually whiten the teeth but emmit a telephathic signal of whiteness.
* House and street names are part of an incredibly complicated mechanism for portraying directions for spies/aliens/goverment-people to get to a series of super secret research facilities.
* The number 666 is a key left by acient Egyptions to get into a large underground city known as Hell which is actually a really cool place, with clean water, free hospitals and pretty flowers throughout.

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I'm glad that I'm not soluble
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A stupid one ive heard is that aliens and UFOs are really Hitler flying around in a time machine.


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Yah, that 666 one is real complicated...


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