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What's this?

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    I happened to hear abt a course"ILB".May I know more abt this course??:bugeye:
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    Maybe you mean International Baccalaureate courses? www.ibo.org.

    I think the main purpose of it is that it is internationally recognized, i.e. you can go to University in a different country with an IB diploma.
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    One person told me that for getting job in foreign countries we have to study this course in addition to engineering......
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    I can't say for sure but I don't believe so. I believe it is only for going to school in different countries. I am sure you can find info about it on their website.
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    Ok...Thanks anyway....
    I'll check this on their website.
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    No problem. :) It looks like they only have courses at the High School (and lower) level. I can confidently say that once you have a degree in Engineering, no employer is going to ask to see your highschool diploma. If, on the other hand, you wanted to go to a school in the US, your country's high school curriculum may not match the US's. So the IB program basically gets you up to par with the best high schools in the world(Not saying they are in the US, I am Canadian :P.), therefore allowing you to apply to universities anywhere.
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    I happened to post 2 chemistry h.w q's in Advanced physics section.Can anyone help me to move that??
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    Can you still press edit and then press delete at this time?

    Then you can just 'move' them on your own.
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    No that's not the matter.It's that...Is it required to study some correspondance course like ILB(I'm not sure wat this couse is...)while doing our B-tech or M-tech degree...for getting better jobs in foreign countries??:)
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    I think this question may be over my head, so I'll let someone else answer it. Sorry that I could not help, powergirl.

    You should try to find out what 'ILB' stands for. Because I did a search on google and came up with nothing.
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    On the bottom right of every post you make, you may have to go to your "preferences" or "user CP" at the top and change your skin to prime. Go to "options" and at the bottom there should be a part talking about skins... change it to 'PF prime'. Then you should see the "edit" button.
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    OK...but am not able to press edit and delete at the same time...:(
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    Well, then I am sure that someone will move them. Alternatively you could just post "Delete these please, I have already made new posts in the "other sciences" forum. And then go make 2 new posts in the other sciences forum. :P
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    leave it...Thanks circles...:)
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    If you post a reply right now, you should be able to press edit, and then a new button will replace edit named "delete" next to "go advanced". Then you press "delete message" and press accept. Does that work?

    Also, maybe we should move this to PM's if it gets much longer.
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    Yes,I did it atlast....:devil:
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    I'm getting mad...hooo....better i must close this thread...grrrrrrr
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    I doubt this is the international bacc. course, which is equivalent to a complete education from ages 11-18.

    Sounds more like you're talking about a course to show you have a good understanding of the English language.
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    I didnt understand what U said..am sorry....May I know what u meant by saying the above quoted sentence??:bugeye:
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