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Whats with all the busy lifestyles

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    One thing ive always wondered but never been able to discuss with an intelligent group of people is with all the modern conveniences of modern life in the US, why are people seemingly working more and more (and not in the sense of going to the office or on the job, but doing things for kids, family, other non-job related things...) then we ever did before? Why have we gone from the 'simple life' to this busy adn compelx world of the 21st century with a host of inventions scattered throughout our lives that make what use to be complex tasks, simple?
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    I know why, it is to keep our minds away from thinking about more important issues like politics,war,morality,honesty. do you catch my drift ?
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    No i dont. Free time doesnt automatically translate into more 'thought' time it seems.
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    I thought having time outside work to do things with your family was supposed to be a good thing. :confused: I'm still trying to figure out how those people have enough free time to get around to finding the spouse and having kids.
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    Part of the answer to your question lies in economics. People like stuff. They will work at lengths to get it. Instead of investing the money, they work two jobs to buy another SUV and the like.

    Our society is extremely materialistic, and many people find great pleasure in material goods through immediate gratification. Spending quiet time at the park with the family is not nearly as euphoric as buying that new plasma TV.

    Sadly, I wished it were the opposite. I love spending my time idly pondering things with my close friends and immediate family.
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    It's all about competition. Someone who's devoted to their job has to work as hard as they can if they want to be the best at it. Modern technology increases the output of the "best" worker, but then everybody else just has to raise their standards to match the new "best". Thus, it does little or nothing to change the amount of stress that goes into the job.

    In other words, we achieve more with less work, but still do about the same amount of work in the end. The good news is that this means the society is achieving more. To what end? Well, that's debatable...
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    This is true. This extends to School education these days as well, where Grades are so much of a dominant judgment of your intellectual ability. However, this tends to kick people in the back who are truly willing to learn.

    If Gradistic education were more towards the other persons favour, it would't be like this.
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    Its the man. Although nobody has met him or knows exactly who he is. There is something about this man that keeps us working. Its universal. The man is everyone yet he is no one. He is everywhere, yet he is no where.
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    Yeah, even those who try to learn as much as possible because they want to learn occasionally screw up, or are not good test takers (as in my case). It seems like this is the course:

    high grades = lots of money and a high paying job

    This is obviously a motivation for learning, but it probably isn't the best way to go about handling things.
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    This is going to sound very sad, but you'll have to comprimise to get those useless materialistic grades.

    Note that this does not mean they should be actually taken seriously in terms of actual test of knowledge, but only because we don't have a choice. Just know to not forget that state of mind you have for knowledge, and I'm sure you'll be fine. Just hang in there. Hopefully, that will come useful later when you go to university, where is presume, it will be not so materialistic.
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