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Whats wrong with my eyes?

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    I have had headaches for goodness knows how long, but this week its has been none stop and more on my left side. Just above my eyebrow.
    Yesterday I saw a weird site in my eyes, like a black and white calidiscope which moved as my eyes did. It got progressivly bigger and the middle became almost transparent with the edges becoming sharp and jagged but still the black and white moving continusly.
    I gradualy fade and now I just have slight blurring in my right eye.
    I am really scared as I have never heard of this before.
    It wasnt in my eye I could see it quite far away.
    Please can anyone help.
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    Welcome to PF, Joanna.
    Get to a bloody doctor ASAP! No one here, despite their medical degrees, is capable of nor willing to diagnose something on-line.
    This sounds very significant, and it could be the result of anything from an eye disease to bad drugs to a brain tumor. Don't screw around with it.
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    I had similar symptoms a few years ago, doctor and optometrist diagnosed it as an ocular migraine. Never had one since. Get to the doctor, and don't drive there if you've still got the symptoms.
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    Sometimes I think it is a bit overboard to tell people on here that they had better get to a doctor for some minor odd symptom they showed and were curious about. In this case I whole heartedly concur, you really ought to get yourself to a doctor as soon as possible and, as Brewnog noted, do not drive yourself if your vision is still impaired.
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    No it's not. As per PF rules, we do not give out medical diagnoses here.
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