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Whats your experience using these books? (fluid mechanics)

  1. Sep 5, 2011 #1
    I found between my family's books (cousins mostly) 4 books for fluid mechanics, and since next semester i ll be taking it it d be cool if i could just chose between them. Oh btw its for mechanical engineering
    i currently have:
    Fluid Mechanics. Robert A. Granger

    Fluid Mechanics. Frank. M. White (older version than the link)

    Fluid Mechanics Kundu, Cohen

    Fluid Mechanics Streeter, Wylie

    I have read some subjects on all of them i dont rlly like Streeter and the one by White seems good, i really Kundu's and Granger's but i cant rlly decide between them, and i was looking in the forum for opinions of the granger book but didnt find any so im wondering if anybody has it or anyway just what you think about them. Thank you!
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