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Whats your fantasy

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    !! haha this thread is a bit difficult under the rules - lets try to keep it pg-13!
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    As in like you want to be a secret agent/cowboy/astronaut/millionaire? or... you would like to date one! or all 4....

    I think everyone wants to date a millionaire...
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    I want to be one. Or at least 3 simultaneously.
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    oh right :) I see... lol, yes thats probably a better direction to take this!

    well, mine was to take over the whole world and be so super powerful that I could destroy the whole universe... but I think there might be some opposition to this, you know, just a few objections here and there... never mind the question of feasibility...
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    Zeta-Jones. The only fantasy I have :P

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    definitley a millionare. But I'm gonna be one once I marry Lewis Hamilton:)
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    Solution to the Quantum Gravity problem.
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    Girl, ain't you suppose to be lookin' for a job? No I ain't your dad and don't wanna' be neither but if I knew him, I'd say, "look dawg, that girl needs to be lookin' for a job instead of playing around on an internet forum." And he'd say, "well I can't tell that girl what to do." Then I'd say, "Yeah, I know what you mean. When they hit 13 or so, you can't even get a word in edge-wise. Best to just stay out of their way unless they need you for something, you know, kinda' like right now."

    I got grass to cut. I'm outta' here.
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    Dan, seriously dude please put a NSFW sign on that picture. Good thing I showed up earlier today. I admit though I like your taste in women.
  12. Aug 18, 2010 #11
    I don't have fantasy, I am fantasy.
  13. Aug 18, 2010 #12
    to be a dream guy. I want to walk into a room and make heads (women's) turn. I want to be a really good looking guy (magazine cover material) :biggrin:
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    Geez. You don't have to look good to attract women. Besides, not looking good, why would you want to mate with all these women? Its kind of selfish to want to spread the less-than good-looking genetic material, dont you think?
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    Believe it or not, I actually wouldn't be a jerk with my looks or anything :D I got really low self esteem so the good looks and attracting loads of women would seriously help. Plus when I meet a girl and get her number, I'll stop having negative thoughts like "she just gave you her number 'cause she felt bad for you" type of thing.

    When I get married I'd like my wife to really hold me as this good looking guy that she's so into :tongue:
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    The idea here is to come to terms with your own self. If you are not in love with yourself, how can you expect anyone else to love you? By corollary, if you are not a stable individual who won't commit suicide because he is so depressed, why would any female want to propagate your genes so that her child would kill herself or be miserable? Its just not going to happen.

    Once you realize that you are who you are and you are happy with yourself, people will see that calm, assertive guy, with inner peace and a happy smile on his face. That is attractive. That signals to any woman out there that you are worth spending time with, and that your kids will be happy with being themselves, even if its not really true.
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    sounds like a cliche or the normal generic stuff older people tell younger people when they say things like I said. I'm just mentally screwed up right now that's all. :cry: it's screwing up my relationships with people. sometimes I want to be alone, I feel lonely and said and what not. Oh crap I'm screwing up this thread. If you want/care we could do this in PM or over some form of IM since you seem come of as this "preacher"
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    We all feel lonely sometimes. Sometimes anxious and sad beyond belief. It is felt by every human being on this planet, you are not the only one. And you should pay attention to your elders, they are both wise and experienced like you have no idea. Respect the elders and you might learn something. Read Tuesdays with Morrie, its a great book.
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    I didn't read all of cronxeh's advice, but seriously dude, good looks won't provide you the confidence boost that comes from working on becoming a better a you and learning to be social with women. you'll get rejected a lot but you'll keep improving and that will give you confidence. (and the only realistic way. sorry, but boy's dreams about having a woman approach them don't come true)
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    Dear Mr. Fantasy

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    I think my ultimate romantic fantasy is to stay in bed on a Saturday night with a sweet guy who will have pizza delivered and watch SNL with me. I guess I am showing my age, but I can't think of anything better than to have someone to snuggle, snarf, and laugh with.
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    In a walk-in freezer.

    understanding the relationship between speed and body temp alone makes it a worthy experiment.
  24. Aug 19, 2010 #23
    lol! such funny responses!!!
  25. Aug 19, 2010 #24
    alright Ice truck dude!
  26. Aug 19, 2010 #25
    NOT TRUE! just be yourself and girls WILL notice what a great guy you are! maybe not all, but some will! and then they might approach you! depends on how confident they are and their views on who should approach who... but still, if you like a girl then approach her!
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