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What's your idea of a good time?

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    Generally, there's two categories, for the people my age that I know of.

    1) Clubbing and getting drunk senseless
    2) Getting drunk senseless

    Hate everything about clubbing, including "dancing", which is just a somewhat polite way to say "hey, let's go be idiots and shake our tushies". (I hope that's not a swear word) I also don't enjoy getting drunk senseless.

    I'm figuring what things I find fun and frankly, I'm out of ideas. There's erm, reading, video games, music, long walks and not much else I can think of. Either I haven't met a right bunch of people I can mix with yet or I'm just a very solitary person.

    What do you find fun?
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    Oh yes, that too! I like finding new things or seeing things from a different perspective.
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    I like to go to the bar and shoot pool. Sometimes I meet interesting or entertaining people there. Lately, since my friends are not as into billiards, my friends and I have been going to a bar where they have table shuffleboard and playing that so we are all on a level playing field. We met a crazy old southern stoner guy that plays shuffleboard and talks up his game like a pro wrestler. Very entertaining.

    Other than that I tend to hang out at the coffee house playing chess. Basically anything involving games of some sort or another.
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    I like doing math with people. It's more fun than doing math alone.
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    Experience have taught me to prefer a good time with a good feeling afterwards than a good time with a bad feeling afterwards.
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    A Track Day...

    Rhody... :devil: :biggrin:
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    I called Jenny at 867-5309 for a good time, but she never answered.
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    +1 for doing math with other people. I've learned a lot when working with others. It really depends on who though, as with most things.

    Try Janice next time. She's always available. I'd suggest you put her on mute though. You'll know why when you see her...
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    I go clubbing and get drunk out of my mind.


    I guess, technically, it's an autocross day for me. The track is too cold this time of year.

    Area code?

    Doing math?! Oh geeze... There's only one kind of math I like doing... boy band math!

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    When I was a grad student, my main non-physics social activity was going on long bicycle rides with the local bike-touring club, one to three times per week.
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    That's 4 to 13.29 times a month!

    Having fun, yet, Mepris?
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    I like nerding it up with a couple of friends, we sometimes get together for a little LAN night and play network DOOM II and Red Alert and stay up until dawn drinking cheap beer. That's always a good time.

    I like getting outdoors. Walking, riding, sitting on a hill, I'm not picky, I just like clean air and good scenery.

    I like TECHNO! I don't go out so much, but every so often someone will tour that I simply must see. I'm not a dancer, but I'll sit at the back with a stiff drink and a pack of smokes and wobble away for a few hours. Even better, I go to a great outdoor festival once a year for 5 days and that is my "Good Time" for the year really, sitting on the grass passing around a bottle of tequila, good food, good friends, good tunes, no concept of time, it's bliss.

    Skateboarding. <3

    I love digging around old record stores. I can lose myself for the best part of a day in a good one and come out a whole lot poorer, with a bag full of the black crack (vinyl).

    And I like reading and learning new things. Teaching myself some web programming at the moment, making a website for myself and enjoying myself immensely. :)
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    When I was young, my group of friends would discuss books, a lot of sci-fi, and listen to records. Of course this was before computers, the internet, cable tv, videos, video games...
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    What those people on Geordie Shore do looks like fun. That's my idea of fun.
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    Did you/do you like her?
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    He found her number on the wall.
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    http://www.time.gov/timezone.cgi?Eastern/d/-5/java" [Broken]

    Electronic entertainment.
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    a brilliant math or other lecture or conversation, or superb music performance, or delicious wine with friends, or a nice drive in my (alas, now gone) BMW sedan, or a seat on the water looking at the mountains, or an "aha" moment from a student after a good example or explanation, or a great meal when hungry, reading a wonderful novel say by Dickens, laughing at John Stewart skewer the idiot media, watching "Monk" solve a case, seeing Andrew Luck lay someone out who is trying to tackle him (), or hanging out with my wife, or children, or grands, or achieving a worthy goal.
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    Oh, come on, Loren! That's not electronic entertainment. This is:
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