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What's your IQ?

  1. May 24, 2004 #1
    Hey........i am 10 years old and have an IQ of 153.

    Is that good or bad for my age? please tell me.

    what are your IQs?
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    What IQ test did you take? Considering your age having an IQ of 153 is exceptional. However, most Internet tests are extremely inaccurate and IQ itself is often considered a poor measurement of Intelligence.

    I'm typically not an IQ test kind of person but I excel in academics. However judging from my own personal analysis and other characteristics I'd guess my adult IQ would be somewhere above 120 and below 145. A wide range, which could be completely inaccurate. It's probably a good guess considering the hereditary of IQ. IQ is 80% genetic and 20% environment. Since my Mother has a profession considered to usually have an IQ of 120+ and my father a 130+, it can be assumed that my IQ is somewhere above or in that range. I probably had somewhat of an increase based on things I was exposed to. Negative things, but situations that required coping and trained my mind at a rate faster than it should've had to adapt at.

    IQ is determined as Mental Age multiplied by 100 divided Chronological age. So according to your IQ you have the Intelligence of someone who is 15 years old. So your ahead of your age category.

    Most IQ tests raise your score if your younger. This raise in score is usually eliminated by the age of 16. Due to some mental abilities often increasing after the age of 16, it's not typically all that accurate either.

    Basically, your low age is giving you a higher IQ. Your IQ could raise or lower when your older because of that. So, if someone on these forums posts with an IQ of 140 your not necessarily more or less intelligent than them.
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    I've taken at least 10 internet IQ tests, most claiming to be real, scientifically proven etc. I've gotten between 90 and 210 :rolleyes:
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    Age is factored into IQ tests. And child IQ tests have higher standard deviations than adult IQ tests. Meaning if you're 10 and you scored 153, as an adult, you will score lower than that. Also whether or not it's a good score is fully dependent on what IQ test it is. Some tests have a standard deviation of 16. Others are 15 and some are 24. So all that has to be taken into consideration.
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    Also asking people on a message board what their IQ is, is like asking guys what their penis size is. Many will overexaggerate and not too many will be truthful.
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    Oh, those boyz, they'll just lie about damn near anything! lol
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    i actually took a test for adults developed by PHDs.

    3 years ago my IQ was 127. I didn't not take it on the internet, but I had to take it ( i think a professer tested me) in my elementary school so i could join Enrichment ( a program for children).
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    Unless you took an online IQ test, your age was factored in. Psychologists will always factor in your age. If you can find out the name of the test that would be helpful. But without knowing what test it is and without knowing the standard deviation of the test, it does not give much to work on.

    By the large IQ gap between your 2 scores. I would guess that either one had a much larger standard deviation or that one of the tests were inaccurate.
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    I took an IQ test for the GATE program at my school at age 12 (I was representing the school on a game show) and scored a 176. I took one a couple of years ago (I'm 23 now) just for fun, administered by my girlfriend's mother, who is a psychologist, and scored a 162. As everyone else here has pointed out, your score goes down with age.

    By the way, I have no idea what either test was named and my penis is 14 inches. Besides, it's hard to see how this measures intelligence in any meaningful way. I'm great at learning math and solving logic puzzles, as well as converting 2-dimensional pictures into 3-dimensional mental images (I'm also a wonderful fiction writer and portrait artist), but I still can't understand a woman's emotions or the convictions of a religious person. These tests don't even pretend to measure interpersonal intelligence, which I would say is a fairly major oversight.
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    I'm 21. And I look like Marlon Brando.
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    Do you look like he did when he was 21 or like he does now? There is a big, very big, difference. :smile:

  13. May 30, 2004 #12
    Hard to say...what I can tell you is that my Brando Quotient BQ is 124. Here's a picture of my famous Brando smile: :biggrin:

    I only hope this isn't dangerous to me. :wink:
  14. May 30, 2004 #13
    i've taken alot and i got around about 158 for each of them, i'm 15 :-/
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    Oh, I also speak 17 languages and I've appeared in 13 feature films. And I was wrong about my penis size. I measured it again and it's actually 15 inches.
  16. Jun 3, 2004 #15
    Heheheheh. Every morning since about the age of forty, Brando has caught sight of himself in the bathroom mirror, and whispered "The horror! The horror!.

    I took one official I.Q. test when I was in grade school. I couldn't wait to get the results and be proven a genius. The woman told me some number or other, and I asked what it meant."Don't worry", she said, "It's average."
    The horror! The horror!
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    Math Is Hard

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    My IQ is 34 Double-D.
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    :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

    :biggrin: Very....erh....erh... respectable :biggrin: .
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  19. Jun 4, 2004 #18

    Last time i jump into these threads to try and dispell IQ misconceptions....

    Very nice though.
  20. Jun 4, 2004 #19
    Where does that place you compared to say, Marilyn vos Savant, Marilyn Monroe, and Marilyn Chambers?
  21. Jun 4, 2004 #20
    I hate that book. I had to do my IB English oral commentary on it. Would have much preferred Hamlet.
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