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Whats your Iq

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    Mine isn't great but it's ok

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    This threads stupid. I have nothing else to say, until I change my mind.
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    Hey, mk

    You need a haircut.

    +1 to my IQ
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    Is that a score you received on a test?
  6. May 25, 2005 #5
    Yes, an online test.
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    lol, an online test? Those aren't the most accurate per se, its better if you have a psycologist give you a test.
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    There are no IQ tests online.
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    Yes there are...
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    i did some of them tests myself. I learned that my IQ varies between 102 and 157...the only valuable data you can get from those tests is if you can compare scores. several people should take the same test and the scores yield relative IQ values...

  13. May 25, 2005 #12
    Oh, really?

    I've taken two, and recieved

    126 and a 146..

    always end with a six for some reason
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    give me a link to a test that you did and i will do it myself...trust me , i will be honest in revealing my IQ


    ps please not a test that takes too long because i gotta work
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    You just say that because you own the site.
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    good job MK
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    i did the test, yet i do not get any results in my email. ps : i think you should be ashamed of yourself, asking money for IQ tests, *******

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    Zygotic Embryo doesn't own the site. I was just kidding.
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    Online IQ tests are just games, they aren't serious tests. If you enjoy doing them, some people find the one at queendom.com one of the hardest.

    I was tested at the request of my school when I was 11, so I do actually know my IQ, or rather what it was at that age. IQ just shows potential, if you don't do anything with it, nothing will happen. I would guess that some of the smartest people here have less than stellar IQ's, but they pursued a higher education and know more than some with very high IQ's that were not as motivated.
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