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Wheatstone Bridge question

  1. Dec 21, 2011 #1
    looking for some help for the second part of this question.

    i got 60 ohms for part one

    the answer to part 2 shows (delta v = 4.44mv) not sure how to calculate this or what is voltage resolution.


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    If the sensor resistance changes to 60.1 ohms, what will be the voltage difference between A and B? The voltage detector (e.g, voltmeter) must be able to register this small voltage, otherwise the sensor won't be of any use for the intended purpose.
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    Starting with the balanced Bridge, (R3=60) calculate UAB when R4 changes by 0.1 ohm with respect to the nominal 60 ohm. Take care: the figure shows 15 V for the voltage of the battery, the text says 12 V, and you have to use this value.

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