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I Wheatstone bridge

  1. Mar 5, 2016 #1
    In a circuit if the potential difference between two points is zero, no current flows between the two points, right? Or am I wrong? I feel like I am wrong. If I am right, then in a Wheatstone bridge, no current passes through the bridge. Then instead of removing the bridge, why don't we connect the two points?
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    You are correct.

    What do you mean by "removing the bridge"? What two points do you want to connect?
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    While solving a Wheatstone bridge problem, we removing the bridging resistor and consider it as a parallel combination of series combination of two resistors. (I am sorry if I made it complicated) So what I mean is instead since no current flows through the bridge we can say the potential difference at the two ends of the bridge is zero. Hence why don't we join the two ends of the bridge and consider the whole thing as a series combination of a parallel combination of two resistors?

    Btw Am I also correct when I say if there is no current flow through a resistor, then potential difference across the resistor is zero?
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    That would create a node in the middle and allow currents to flow criss-cross, which is not possible with the originial circuit, hence that is a misrepresentation of the circuit.
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    You can. It will give you the same result.
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    Ah, yes. Multiple points with the same potential are effectively the same point, makes no difference whether you join them or not.
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