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Homework Help: Wheatstone question!

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    The circuit in the drawing in known as a Wheatstone bridge circuit. Find the voltage between points B and D. The circuit drawing is inside the attachment.

    How should i approach this circuit? i can only conclude that there 2 are sets of parallel resistors. 60ohm being the odd one left. so total resistance i found = 102.5ohm

    I use i = V/R to get my total current. which is 0.195A. what should i do from here. use current divider?

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    Hi rave7,

    None of these resistors are in parallel or series with each other, so I don't believe your total resistance is correct.

    As far as what approach to use, it depends on what kind of circuit analysis approaches they have taught you or are going to teach you in your class. You can use the Kirchoff's rules approach to solve this problem (with a bit of fun algebra) and I think most first year physics classes teach Kirchoff. Is your class only covering equivalent resistances and Kirchoff's rules as a way of analyzing cirvuits?
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    Yes, so far we have only cover KCL, KVL, thevenin's theorem and superposition.
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