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Wheel chair automation

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    i work on project to make the wheel chair works by voice commands
    but the harder part that i want to use mechanical one and make it work by electrical power then by voice recognition
    I need more information about how to reform the wheel chair to make work by electrical power ????
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    Batteries, controls, and electric motors on the wheels...
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    I know but i mean in the physical (mechanical) formation
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    You know that such devices exist already, right? Have you looked at existing motorized wheelchairs? How are they powered and how are they put together?
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    Depending on where you live, you may be able to buy a surplus or used powered wheelchair for a pittance - I've paid as little as $10 for one that was complete (and also had a couple of nice linear actuators for other projects) that needed batteries... which are also cheap. Check local hospitals, nursing homes, retirement facilities, and the like for older models that might be lying around.
    I would recommend NOT using the drive batteries to also power your computer, or it'll get wonky when you're low on power.
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