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Wheel Design

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    Now, i am looking for something to get me started with designing wheels for a car. What i want is to make light-weight wheels strong enough to hold around about 200 kg weight. (4-wheels).

    To give you an idea of what i am looking for, in designing a chassis, we want the frame to be able to hold the required loads, and be rigid (both from bending and torsion). What do we want in wheels?

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    This might be too obvious, but my first concern is rigidity. You don't want it to flex either radially or laterally.
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    Start by looking at wheels that are on the market. Next, you should define some proper requirements like weight, load capacity, etc. When you say wheels do you mean like for a car, or for some sort of rolling cart?
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    wheels can greatly effect the aerodynamics. the pretty-est are sometimes the most drag if drag reduction is important, (electric car) then that should be a priorityt

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    What kind of car? (Passenger car, drag racing, off-road, etc?)
    Expected loads? (Acceleration, braking, cornering, GVWR, maximum speed?)
    Is this just a design exercise or do you plan to actually manufacture the wheels? What manufacturing processes can you support?
    ... Shall I continue?
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    its supposed to be for a single-passenger car...to run on a racing track (so no off-road stuff)
    weight of vehicle around 200 kg (including driver)

    low speeds...max we are looking for is around 36-43 kph
    even accleration is going to be slow...0-36 in 10 secs
    the corners have large radii...so much so that we might not even have any sort of suspension

    yes, manufacture is definitely on
    what facilities we have available...(sand)casting, maybe even forging...but to keep the whole thing light weight, i had aluminum in mind
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