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Wheel stud design for truck

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    I need to design studs for a front truck wheel inlcuding the pattern, position, type of stud etc. I am having trouble developing a free body diagram of the wheel studs and finding all the forces on the wheel studs.

    I know the following info:

    Max all up mass loaded 4200 kg (~70% max on front wheel)
    Outside diameter of tyre (Dw) 1100 mm
    Nominal PCD of bolt pattern 400 mm
    Track width 2200 mm
    Height of CoG loaded 1500mm
    Max lateral acceleration µg, or rolling over first (u= ~0.9)
    Desired Life 20yrs

    Does anyone know any textbooks or websites or something which can help me find the forces (mean and alternating) I will be dealing with?
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    You also need to decide what type of rim you are using. For some, all the loads go thru the bolted connection, but not for other designs.
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