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Wheeler-De Witt equation

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    Wheeler-De Witt equation ....

    Could we construct using dirac,s method a wheeler -De witt equation to first order in derivatives and including the time?..in fact it would be easy just propose an equation like this


    where obviously A0**2=0 (Grassman num ber) why has nobody tried to do so?..in fact this new equation could solve the problem of time in quantum gravity.
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    Re: Wheeler-De Witt equation ....

    The wheeler-De witt equation is a schrodinger rather than a dirac equation because the wave-function whose evolution it describes is that of the 3-metric which isn't a dirac field.

    What did you mean about solving the problem of time?
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    Yes but..

    The gravitation would be represented by the graviton wich is a 2-spin field so in fact i think it should be represented by a 2 spin field

    The problem of time is due to the derivative d/dt does not appear in the thoery .in fact i think it could be solved by imposing the wave function of the metric to be lineal in derivatives.
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