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Wheels for output Motor

  1. Apr 11, 2013 #1
    Hey whats up guys,

    I am currently designing a mini-go kart type device. I was hoping someone with knowledge of these kinds of things could give me some tips.

    Materials in question: Rear Drive Wheels

    Problem: The wheels are intended to rotate with the output shaft of this motor

    See attachment.

    The rear wheels I ordered have bearings in them however and therefore they do not rotate with the output shaft of the motor.

    Current Solution: fabricate a coupling with a washer and screw it into the wheel. I can provide pictures of what it should look like to give a better idea.

    Asking: Does anyone know any kind of wheels that I might be able to search for that will fit directly on the output shaft of the motor?

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    Hope this makes sense. Any advice is appreciated.
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    Afaik, cars usually have a powered shaft connected to the drive wheel.
    The wheel bearings are to divorce the wheel from the fixed vehicle frame, so your issue is perfectly normal.
    Note that adding suspension components makes the interface more complicated, the wheel has to bounce up and down without losing power. If you want to soft mount your motor, the drive shaft will need a coupling to accommodate that.
    For a go-cart, where a really stiff ride is acceptable, you probably can get away without the complications that a suspension introduces. Just be aware that motors are usually not banged about the way your motor will be, hard mounted to a go-cart. The drive shaft is going to transmit the wheel bumps to the motor very effectively, maybe too effectively.
    All the best and please keep us posted!
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    Hey thanks for your reply.

    So the device I am making is not too terribly complicated. It is a prototype and no suspensions have been sought out up to this point.

    Are there any wheel types that have a connection to where they can be connected directly to a power shaft like the one from the motor shown in the attachment? I'm looking for a wheel that can just be slipped on there and viola its ready to spin with the shaft. Because the wheels we currently are using have bearings in them they do not accomplish this.
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    Maybe you could look into sniping the whole rear axle assembly (differential, axles & wheels) from something like a riding lawn mower or garden tractor.
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