When a casuality is a casuality?

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The first person i see with a similar name, raaaid-Raaid Mustafa, in tree years.

A person that believes as me that gravity is the linear expansion of the matter, you can see this in the 5th dimension drawing in which shows the object at the time of its creation and the object at its present time (five times bigger).(i havent copied this idea from anybody).

The explanation that if you build a device that repels gravity you are building a time machine, i have a patent of a motor that suposely repels gravity.

Many more small casualities that im not gona tell sinced it would prove im paranoid.

I really need a rational explanation for this.

Is it casuality or theres more.

Please email me the other 3 articles by raaid mustafa besides the 5th dimension since they are not avalaible any more.

My email is raaaid@publicanary.com please put yourself in my shoes and think if wouldnt you apreciate to be sent those 3 posts.

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