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When a giant passes away

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    Today, a truly legendary and highly beloved Norwegian, Gunnar Sønsteby died, aged 94.
    Gunnar Sønsteby was one of the central figures in the Resistance movement against the Nazi occupation of Norway, and his group led several daring raids and sabotage actions against the occupiers.
    Gunnar Sønsteby was a gentleman of the old school, and well into his nineties, he mesmerized classes of children and youths by telling them not only of his adventures and the Second World War, but his firm, democratic spirit that understands that "eternal vigilance" is the price we must pay if we wish to keep a free society, but that this vigilance must not degenerate into demonization and irrational paranoia. And, not the least, always keep in mind the fundamental, binding humanity that exist also within enemies of democracy.
    He was at his death the highest decorated Norwegian citizen.

    His entry at the English Wikipedia:
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