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When an electron moves it creates a magnetic field

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    I learned that when an electron moves it creates a magnetic field. When two electrons are rotating in the opposite direction it cancels out the field, and the magnetism is gone. So, I was thinking maybe when a proton moves it causes it to create a field just like the electron, and perhaps this field could be gravity. In fact, maybe the electro-static field is created because of the electrons movement. This would be strengthened by Einstein's theory
    E = MC^2. As the electron moves, it changes more into energy.
    So, maybe the earth's hot lave has single, moving protons that creates a field. If so, why would it attract other matter, unless, our protons are in spinning or in constant motion. If the protons in water was spinning the opposite direction that the Earth's protons are, then maybe that's what gravity is.
    I was just wondering if I'm anywhere in the ballpark.
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    I honestly cannot tell you that you are incorrect, but I can say that there are other theories (in contradiction to yours) that have been developed for 100 years and encompass a great deal of phenomena that they accurately predict. Try the relativity board if you would like more success in investigating the currently accepted theory behind gravity. Try the strings, branes, and LQG to maybe get more meaningful responses regarding your suggestion.
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    In the way that moving charges create magnetic fields, moving masses are responsible for something known as "gravitomagnetism." I *think* you can make the following analogies:

    static charge : electric field :: static mass : gravitational field
    moving charge : magnetic field :: moving mass : gravitomagnetic field

    Gravitomagnetism is responsible for a phenomenon known as "frame-dragging," which the Gravity Probe B is currently searching for.

    I could be wrong about the above, but that is how I understand it.
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    I concur with TALewis, but with the slight revision that the anology breaks down for intense g-fields or fast moving masses.
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    I'll just note that it's not necessarily a moving electron that causes a magnetic field, but rather any moving charge, whether it's + or -, so protons are included.

    And gravity happens between any two masses. It can be measured between two identical steel balls for instance.
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    hai can you please justify the mattress theory suggested by einstein.how can space bend just like a mattress?
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    I assume that you are referring to the rubber sheet analogy. It gives a misleading idea.

    Usually,in the example,a bowling ball is placed on a sheet which makes a dent . But what actually causes the dent is the weight of the ball(gravity itself). So,this is contradictory situation...gravity causes gravity!. To really appreciate the effect you have to understand the math behind general relativity. Moreover this is not just space being warped, but spacetime(four dimensions instead of the two in the sheet).
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    Another analogy is that there's a curved sheet with an ant on it in the middle of space. The theory says that the ant follows the curve, but in reality the ant would simply float straight over the curve.
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    if you take the Sun in your hand and shake it, the Earth will feel it only after 7 minutes or so elapsed. This is a gravitational wave. Please, just believe it, don't try it :wink:
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