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When angle is less than 90'

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    I see in my book how half the power is at one polarity and then 90' later it's at the opposite polarity. In regards to the relation of current vs. voltage. So the net result is zero power.
    The picture shows how the induced voltage is 180' shifted from the applied voltage.

    My question is, if the current lagged the voltage less than 90', where would the induced voltage be? Would it be shifted less than 180' as well?

    Or is it just the placement of the current between the two that will show how the induced vs. applied voltage is affecting it? I can't find a picture that shows how this looks when current is lagging less than 90'.

    Anyone have one or could draw one?
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    Induced voltage(Yellow) is 180' in opposite to applied(Red) voltage. Current(Blue) is 90' lagged in this picture.

    If the current is less than 90' lagged, does the current's sine wave shift alone, or does the induced voltage wave shift as well?
    Does the induced voltage wave ever become less than 180' opposite of the applied voltage?
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