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When boys fall for someone

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    Ok what do they do? How do they let the girl to know that? I mean for sure they don't tell the girl that they love her the moment they feel obssed with her. For sure it takes some time for them to let her know about their interest!
    I'm really terrible in knowing that. I don't want to be like 1 of those stupid who accuse others of being in love with them or have a crush them while it's themselves who's in love with the guy and not poor guy. I'm talking about those silly girls who keep an open eye on ething the guy is doing and then think verywhatever the hell the guy is doing and talking is meant their to draw their attention.
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    Um... why don't you just ask the guy out on a date?

    He may not like you as of now, but would probably like to go on a date. Then he may start to like by getting to know you.

    This goes for guys too. Just ask the girl out.

    If you wait and wait and wait until it's a for sure deal that you both like each other, you'll end up dating like one or two (most likely one) people in your lives, which will probably not end up anywhere. (That's life.)

    So, just show a lot of interests or flat out ask him out. That's how you figure it out.

    Note: I know of girls who asked out guys. My girlfriend said she would have asked me out if I didn't for the first few days. She couldn't wait.
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    1. I prefer him to ask me out if he loves me in order to show me how confident he is! If he doesn't love me, I don't think I am going to change his mind.(well that's because I've not met a guy who I feel he's worthy enough to take the time):wink:

    2. Are you kidding me? He's so egotistical. You know I'venot let him that I'm interested in him. I just tried to show well I don't dislike him and didn't ignore him as much as the other... But Wow! Recently he just act weird. I mean he ignores me sometimes or come around me and talking to others while standing back to me!:bugeye: Oh in return I just cut him dead like before. And now he seems to change that attitude alittle!
    Ok ok I think we are too old for that sorta games but it seems he tinks different. In fact I guess I don't think we can get anywhere. The only thingI want to know is whether it was all my imagination or he really had a crush on me!:blushing:
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    Well, I don't think he "loves" you quite yet..

    There's no way for us to tell if he had a crush on you from here, I don't think anyone here has met the guy.
    Also don't be afraid to show that you like him, that's a typical mistake girls do that only lead to confusion..

    That does not mean to act slutty either, it just means, call him and ask if he wants to do stuff, then see what happens, it doesn't even have to be a date.
    Depends on how well you know him also.
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    Flirtation alert! :!!) :!!) :!!) :!!)
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    Tries to not look at here. Can't help staring. Must stop staring. At her. Fails.

    That is guys in a nutshell.
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    :rofl: :rofl:
    How on earth do you think I expect you to know that? There's no mention about him at OP!

    In this case it's big mistake to let him know! He's egotistical and more important than that I don't think anything in common with.
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    Most guys think girls are psychic and they can pick up on all these signals, but they learn by experience that all this flirtation albeit very subtle doesn't work, trouble is some guys are just to shy to make the first move, and I am often one of them. I once waited so long to show a girl interest that by the time I did, she was engaged:surprised :cry:

    Damn it, if it taught me anything it taught me not to play around making subtle advances. And I'm hoping you won't either Lisa. It's not considered de rigueur for the girl to make the second move any more, there are plenty of ways to show your interested without the obvious, but sometimes guys are just too dumb to recognise them, so try the direct approach, you never know it just might work?:smile:
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    Just do what I used to do, go up to the guy and ask "so, where are you taking me Friday night?" It always worked.
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    That would make my day too. :biggrin:
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    So all of you think that I should ask him out, eh?:biggrin:

    All right! Sounds fine but not in this case. Moreover recently I'm losing confidence on myself. I feel that he ignores me because I'm ugly and boring.:frown: Oh although I feel the other way about some time ago. Anyway things are getting worse every day. Today I preten that I don't see/know him although we were in a face to face position. I guess he also expects me to make the 1st move since he is too confident and feel like he's God's gift to women. On the hand since his position at work is superior to me, he always think he's greater than us. Argh! I can't stand egotistical people.:grumpy: :devil:
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    Oh, this is someone from work? Ayay.
    And he's a superior? Ayayay.
    You might want to think about that...

    Anyway, assuiming you assess and accept the risks of dating someone from work...

    Stop playing games. Ask him if he wants to grab a coffee.

    You can be as gentle or as bold as the desire suits you, but don't just sit around and wait for him to make the move. This is the 21st century! You are Woman!
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    I'd tease you and laugh with how serious you are.But be confident,I can say that a lot of guys are just as serious as you as they would give their lives for loving you :D
  15. Aug 13, 2006 #14
    Seven Days: by Sting

    Replace the word she with he, him with her etc, this is one song that I attribute to my own ability to make the first move. Hope it helps, I'm still the same shy uptight person even though I know I shouldn't be:smile:
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    Yeah just take sting for advice lol
  17. Aug 13, 2006 #16
    Erm no, think ya might of missed the point, I take it as pretty indicative of my situation and the problem's I personally have with shyness and procrastination in love, I take it as the reason why I shouldn't take his advice.

    :biggrin: never take Sting for advice, take it for its lack of advice :smile:
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    I'm awful because I suffer terribly from nerves especially in the company of women I really like and this makes me feel incredibly sick. Perhaps this guy has a similar problem so if you like him just ask (and beware of vomit if he does have a similar condition, but don't worry its love vomit not hate vomit :smile:).
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    Yes, they do.

    You sound like you need to read this book.
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    wow, interesting advice. Eve has a pretty good idea, but in the end, each boy is different. If they're confident and outgoing (to generalize) then they'll usually reply openly to Eve's idea, and you'll find out. Though, they'll probably already have hit on your if they're a confident, healthy male, and they're attracted to you.

    If they're more introverted or have issues with women (not saying he's a bad guy, but socially inpet and/or emotionally underdeveloped) than he might run scared, especially if he likes you (if you come straight out with it as in Eve's example).

    And these are just two extremes, everyone's a bit different. If there's chemistry between you though, the only way you'll know is if you make some kind of advance (since it sounds like either he's too chicken, or not interested).
  21. Aug 13, 2006 #20
    "Too chicken" is another way of saying "not interested enough to overcome chicken-ness."
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