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When bulb light passes through a prism

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    When bulb light passes through a prism why doesn't it give different colors?

    From what I understood about light bulbs, it should give red, orange and yellow as descrete lines. Why doesn't this happens and it goes out of the prism almost as it enters?

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    I've never heard of that. Maybe the light source is just overpowering (washing out) the separate colour bands. Try shrouding it so it all goes through the prism.
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    I assume you have a flourescent light "bulb"? Incandescent light bulbs don't emit in discrete lines, but continuous spectra, just like the sun.

    Are you projecting onto a white surface? What exactly do you see?
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    Are you passing the light through a slit before it reaches the prism, or are you just holding the prism up to the light from a light bulb?
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    Oh thanks... I've just noticed this piont. Because in my mind I was comparing it with the case of Helium spectrum :redface:


    I'm confused because the light came out of the prism almost as a line. Ok.. maybe because it doesn't have many colors so the spectrum is not very wide and that make it looks almost almost as a line. Am I right?
    I need to try it again..

    Thanks everyone
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