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When coincidence strikes.

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    Okay, get this:

    A while back, while on vacation, we stopped at a outlet mall on the way home. I picked up a couple of books. After getting home, I realized that one of the books was the second in series.

    I went to our local large used and new book store to see if I could get the first book. They had it, but only in hardback and for a little more than I was willing to spend. So as to not waste the trip I browsed a little and ended up buying a used paperback. I was familiar with it, as it had been made into a movie, but had never read the original.

    After I got home I decided to see if I could find a cheap copy of the book I was looking for on Amazon. I did, and ordered it.

    I had started to read the other book I had gotten at the Outlet, so put the other two on the bookshelf. The first book of the series came and I put it on shelf with the other two.

    A couple of weeks pass and I get an promotional email from Amazon about books I might like. The first is a new novel by one of my favorite authors, so I order it. It comes while I am still reading the first book; I put it on the shelf.

    I finish the book and decide to start the two book series. After I finish them, I start the paperback I got at the local bookstore.

    I just finished it a couple of days ago and have started the last book I got from Amazon. It takes place in the not too far future, And a part of the plot revolves around role playing games. The gamers actually enter an environment which uses a combination of holograms. animatronics and real live actors that makes the experience as real as possible. The games usually involve some mythology or legend. The exact nature of the game is kept a secret from the gamers until they start the game. You as the reader learn things about the game as the gamers do.

    I just reached the part of the book where they revealed the scenario for the game, and it turns out to be H.G. Wells' version of the Moon from his novel "First men in the Moon".

    The paperback that I picked up at the bookstore and had just finished?

    Yep, "First Men in the Moon" by H.G. Wells.
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    Ooh, you should post this in the "Flukey or Spookey" thread in S&D!
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    This sort of stuff happens to me all the time, not so much when I was young, but a lot lately, here is a small https://www.physicsforums.com/showpost.php?p=3564404&postcount=364" (first paragraph). I like to refer to it as serendipidity, good karma. I always smile when the wheels fall into place.

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    Once you have enough experiences tucked away in your brain, you will experience "coincidences" more frequently than younger people (especially those who have essentially stumbled through their lives) because you are making connections with new stimuli with older knowledge that is lying dormant. This is all opinion, mind you, but informed by experience. I'll be talking to my father about something that happened to me recently, and he'll dredge up something from maybe 70 years ago. He loves visiting and talking. My wife and I cook for him, and he gets to talk, reminisce, and enjoy food and company.

    Plus ca change....
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    This was different Turbo, one: I had my FJR bike for sale, two: I choose to ride to the dealership and be in a certain spot consciously or subconsciously I can't say for sure, and three: be in said spot when the magic words, "FJR" were caught by me no more than ten feet away. Another example will be when I am thinking about something, and approach someone not knowing what there are up to, mention the thing I was thinking of, and the person I am talking to says, "Oh, that knob you ordered three weeks ago ? Well here it is, I happen to be holding it in my hand !" I had not previously spoken or e-mailed the person about it to "set the stage" for it either. I could list dozens of examples like this. The more it happens, the more amused and pleased I am by it.

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