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When cops go bad

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    Wow.. Really aggravating. Does anybody else agree there should be more intellectually demanding requirements to become a police officer?
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    I do...I agree with you 100 percent. I can't agree any more than that. :smile:

    (edit) but I also think it is up to the state to determine what the the requirements should be.
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    I dont get it.. whats the 'charge'? She didnt steal anything from him. He willfully gave her the money, whatever the amount, accepted the goods and services for it, and left. As far as the law is concerned he exchanged money for goods/services. It shouldnt matter if he paid her 50 or 100 and it was only a $10 order. Rest are tips, no?
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    I have no idea, this guy is a control freak...he needs to be treated like that, completely helpless to defend yourself from abusive authority. Grrrrr..... :mad:

    Then the fact that he shoots mace in her face!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :mad:
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    give that cop a medal. I think there shoudl be higher intellectual standards for working at a mcdonalds! Like we all havent made a mistake like that before and wanted to go nuts. What the hell is so hard about walken out to a police car. If your innocent, your innocent and there will be tapes to prove it but nooooo, you gotta act like a little kid and you end up getting spanked.

    This must have been in california. Where else can you act like a moron and get $60,000
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    You really believe that the cop was justified in arresting her
    a)over 10 dollars
    b)for a "crime" she didn't commit

    As for the money: she had to go to the hospital, and the cop was certainly taking his job too far, so SOME money was probably justified (at least hospital bills). Probably not $60 000, though.
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    I agree except I think it should have been him paying her out of his pocket.

    There was no crime and it was his mistake. Even if she had given him the wrong change, he does not have the authority to arrest her for that. Not to mention the fact the he should have called in backup since it is a conflict of interest. Dayton Ohio is one place I will make sure to avoid.

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    I remember a case here where a man applying to join the police force was rejected because he scored too HIGH on an IQ test. They said that he would be better suited looking for employment elsewhere.
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    a) petty theft, very much an arrestable offense
    b) your telling me police should be sued everytime they bring in someone who ends up being innocent? Think about that one...

    The cop asks her to come with him and she refuses and starts crying saying her moms coming when she could have just walked away with him, end up getting the security tapes and the manager's word and boom, back to work, no spray no harm no foul

    I mean if i walked up to you on the street and stole a $20 out of your pocket and you flag down a cop, would you be satisfied if he asked me if i had your $20 and i simply said no and that was it, case closed?
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    It doesn't matter. The way he "arrested" her was in a sick, domineering manner. Moreover, he had NO evidence that she "stole" anything; he simply started accusing her.

    *I just read the last part of your post..

    The thing here is, she even asked, begged for him to search her. And he didn't. That said, if it were me, I would have just allowed him to arrest me, and kicked some ass later.
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    She acted like an idiot, she had it coming. The police arent around to just allow you to pull your temper tantrum and THEN politely arrest you. And most cases of petty theft dont have much evidence when it comes to money but you still arrest and look for evidence. An arrest is not a conviction, remember that. She could have shut up, got into the police car, drive to the station, review hte tapes, walked out, its that simple. We live in a society and in return for having a government, we do need to realize we may have to give up a few hours of our time once in a while

    And who knows, he may not have been allowed to search her. I know in some states if you want to search someone of the opposite sex, you have to call for another officer of that same sex to do the search.
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    Getting sprayed and having to go to the hospital might have been to her advantage. He seems like the kind of guy who would have driven her out to the woods and raped her if she'd gone willingly.
    Also notice that he had the spray out and ready to use as soon as she started to protest her innocence.
    Even a known gang member with a criminal history would have received better treatment than that by a civilized cop, never mind an innocent minor trying to work an honest job. He should have been fired from the force and arrested for assault.
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    haha, known gang member around here gets slammed up against walls after they get chased down.
  16. Jul 19, 2005 #15
    One of my bosses ran from the cops when he was younger after a fight outside a pub. Some of his friends started yelling "shoot him, shoot him" but he didn't know it was his friends so he panicked, stopped running and put his hands in the air and waited. When the cops caught up he was spear tackled and beaten by two cops. Had to go to hospital with broken shoulder and broken arm.

    I've seen a guy dragged out of the footy because he was drunk. Five cops threw him to the ground and started shouting at him. He was yelling "I just want to go home" and started crying. He wasn't resisting at all. Two cops jumped on top of him, one was kneeling on his head, another was hitting him, the others were screaming at him. All the while he was just lying there crying. In the end they didn't even arrest him, they just let him get up and go. I ended up giving the poor guy my number and filing a report at the local cop shop but I don't think anything ever came of it (surprise, surprise).

    edit: typo
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    haha shoot him shoot him. I woulda pissed my pants if i heard that.

    And what the hecks a "cop shop". Do you buy cops there?
  18. Jul 19, 2005 #17
    hah, just slang for a police station.
  19. Jul 19, 2005 #18
    iv watched the show "cops" and it made me feel sick because nowhere else in all of society, outside of nation defence can people Ignore human rights and get as little punishment. maybe its "part of the job they have to be tough on people" well thats what the reasoning was behind letting police trian attack dogs on Live, Unprotected people in africa.

    it really bugs me when this stuff happens but it bugs me more when people arnt punished for it. if there was no wrong doing why would she be getting 60,000? the police officers in charge of officialy repremanding that cop used Taxpayer's money to get their friend out of trouble!

    yes. she would not have got sprayed if she just went out to the police car but does that mean she should have gone to the car? no. she wasnt being charged with anything, it was just some guy telling her to get off work so he can do whatever he wants to do.
  20. Jul 20, 2005 #19


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    Well devil, what other job outside of national defense are you running the risk of getting killed because a kid doesnt want to pay a $80 parking ticket. And your also really forgetting that stepping into a cops car does not necessarily mean your going to jail. It can either mean "sit here and shut up for a second while i look at something" or "hey we're bringing you down for questioning where you can plead your case".

    The police have the right to pretty much say "go to my car while i do whatever i want", and we all agree to that every day we decide to live in society. If you dont like those rules, you can live in a cave. There are rules in place so that it doesnt get out of hand but 1 or 2 times does not cut it as some sort of joke of a human rights abuse.
  21. Jul 20, 2005 #20
    I agree with that and I think its ridiculous when cops are persecuted for "unnecessarily" injuring or shooting someone that was armed and obviously unstable or threatening them. But this girl was clearly not a threat. He could have waited for her mama to get there, he could have gone and spoken to the manager or he could have just stood there and waited for her to calm down enough to converse rationally. There was no urgency to the situation that would require him to assault her.
  22. Jul 20, 2005 #21
    Police-issued lawful orders

    I am not a lawyer. The following comments are my personal opinions.

    All persons within the jurisdiction of the United States are required to do anything any sworn peace officer tells them to do at any time. A person does not have to be charged with something in order for a police officer to be able to issue a lawful order, and for the person so ordered to be legally-compelled to obey. For example, if, in a given instance, a peace officer orders you to step two feet to your right, and you do not promptly do it, you could be prosecuted for a crime and be ordered to pay a fine and/or to serve time in a county jail or a state or federal prison.
  23. Jul 20, 2005 #22


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    But she was uncooperative. My opinion is that the police should not sit around and wait for people to pull their temper tantrums. Also, it was highly unlikely her "mom" was going to be comen aroudn anytime soon. She was just cryen because she's immature. I mean hell, most parents dont put up with their 6 year old kids temper tantrums... so i dont think the police should put up with grown/young adults temper tantrums
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    what the hell are you smoking

    Edit: no, seriously, I had to re-read this at least 5 times for it to sink in..
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    Ivan Seeking

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    We have a few cops in the family and as a result I have never trusted the police less than I do now.

    Many years ago my dad's best buddy changed professions and joined the LAPD. Within a year or two of working the worst slums in LA, this guy [Mike] was a changed person. He became mean, abusive, arrogant, a racist, and no one including his own family or my dad could stand to be around him any longer. He eventually left the force to save his marriage.

    A great-uncle [by marriage], a career cop in LA, died a few years ago. I got some of the illegal weapons that he carried throughout his career. And talk about a racist! :surprised

    My cousin who comes from a family of cops, married a cop. Even she can't stand to listen to the stories of what goes on.

    My brother-in-law is a cop. Although he seems to be a fairly decent guy, his mentality is downright scary.... and dumb as a rock.
  26. Jul 20, 2005 #25

    Results 1 - 20 of about 3,810 for "failure to obey a lawful order". (0.05 seconds)

    http://www.ci.loveland.co.us/finance/municipalcode/Title_09/Chap%209.04.htm [Broken]

    Section 9.04.030 - Failure to obey a lawful order of a police officer

    It is unlawful for any person to fail to obey the lawful order of a police officer. A lawful order is that order issued by a police officer in the exercise of his assigned duties relating to the enforcement of the penal law or the preservation of the peace or the protection of the safety of a person. A police officer may issue a lawful order while performing his assigned duties or preserving the peace or protecting the safety of a person when in uniform, or, if not in uniform, after having identified himself as a police officer. (Ord. 3221 ยง 1, 1985)
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