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B When did particles get mass

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    In what cosmological era did particles get mass? And why did they not have mass before this?
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    The Higgs field is now accepted as a part of the standard model, (due to successful experiments at LHC) and in that model, that is why things have mass.
    I don't know of any theory which predicts the emergence of the Higgs field from something exising before that.
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    I wonder if it could be that in the very early universe the higgs field was producing too many higgs bosons, which means the higgs field was fluctuating so much that it may not have been possible for particles to couple to the higgs field; so they did not have mass at that time. Can particles couple to things fluctuating too much? My intuition tells me no, but I'm not sure.
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    This doesn't resemble anything in the standard model. Please bear in mind the PF rules on personal theories. Thread closed.
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