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When did you decide?

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    hey when/why/how did you decide that you wanted to study whatever it is that you're doing now? i think i decided fairly early on (grade 2, age 7) that i wanted to be an astronomer (thx to charlie brown's 'cyclopedia), or at least someone who 'found things out'. there's more to that but i think that's the first time i ever thought about becoming some sort of scientist.
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    VERY late.
    I didn't begin studying maths&science before I was 26.
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    Hmmm. I know I had definitely decided to be a scientist by the time I was 9. Though I suppose that's what I've always wanted to do since I was old enough to remember. But i think 9 years old was when I decided to head into astronomy/astrophysics specifically.
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    I was interested in Mathematics and Science by grade 4. Before that it I don't think I differentiated those areas from learning in general - I was just curious and wanted to learn everything.

    By grade 5, I was really interested in Chemistry and Physics, particularly in the structure of matter and how it worked in all the different levels.

    Then in grade 6, I designed a nuclear powered aircraft that looked pretty much like a double-decker 747 or the new Airbus aircraft.

    At university I started studying Physics with specialization in nuclear and astrophysics, however I switched to nuclear engineering after a few years.

    I still have the same broad interests though in all things Science, and I am just as curious now, perhaps even more so, as I was 40+ years ago.
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    Up until I was in middle school, I wanted to be a chef (not passionately though). Then by mid-highschool, I wanted to be a lawyer. Toward the end of high school, I really wanted to be a jazz pianist (still kind-of do, actually) but realized my parents would never pay to send me to music school, so I applied to college thinking of going into chemistry. By the end of my senior year of high school, I realized that the part of chemistry I enjoyed was actually physics, so when I got to college, I became a physics major.
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    I`ve allways had an intrest in astronomy since about age 6. I didn`t apply to go to Uni and study physics until i was 25 and i`m going to be 33 when/If I finish my Phd.:surprised
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    From middle school to the middle of high school, I wanted to take computer science. For awhile after, I was uncertain, but, after a while, I became conflicted - science or english, which to choose. I am in my senior year and have chosen english. I am favoring what I enjoy over what pays well, a decision I may regret, but we shall see.
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    I was always interested in dinosaurs and space as a youngster. I read every book on those subjects I could get my hands on. By the time high school rolled around I realized I was physically and mathematically inclined so I decided to go with astronomy.

    I still am interested in dinosaurs/paleontology and would love to take a general interest course on the subject but sadly none is offered at my school.
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    I still don't know what I want to do
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    Last friday.
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    I always liked Biology (Neurobiology and genetics) and that was my major for a while but i moved to computer science because, without noticing it, i had started to do alot of programming on my own (i had bought books on Flash Actionscript, Javascript, JAVA, VBScript ...etc). I love technology and engineering.
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    It's been about a year now for me.

    Just about a year ago I decided to go full blown mathematics.

    It feels great to finally make the big decision, and knowing it's the right one because I love it.
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    I've always been in love with Science, ever since the early years. One of my first science book was the human brain by asimov. Read it when I was 12 years old
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    'bout a month ago. It's likely to change again next semester.
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    What's her name this semester?
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    You know me
    what kinda name is that
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    Yeah, well...
    African. It's becoming somewhat popular in North America, I'm surprised you havn't heard it before.
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    Thats what I thought
    Now that I actually say it out-loud, yah, I hear that name a lot!
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    Saying it out loud? You know, talking to yourself is the first sign of insanity.
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