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When god created the world

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    (In response to https://www.physicsforums.com/showthread.php?t=106934")

    On the first day of creation, god created the world. He looked down upon it from the heavens and smiled. One of god's Angels gazed down upon with him and asked curiously what he was doing.
    "This is my greatest creation" he said. "An entire world full of life in perfect equality and goodness. Some creatures will be fast, others will be strong. Some will be large, and some small. Some will use the light to grow, others will feed off of plants, and even others will have to eat other animals.

    Next god created man.

    "What is that?" The angel asked.
    "Ahhhh, that is my most prized invention" he responded. "That is man. They're the strongest. They're the fastest. They're the Smartest and they will one day rule over the entire world."
    "But GOD! I thought you said they would be EQUAL!" the angel objected.
    "Ha!" laughed god "Wait 'till you see the loud mouthed *****es they have to mate with!"
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    This seems to be more hateful rather than humorous.

    (Not that I'm saying Smurf is hateful, I'm just saying, well, it's not a funny joke.)
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    Math Is Hard

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    Gee, Smurf, did you even read that thread that you are referencing? I may be wrong here, but it really seems that you jumped to a conclusion about the content of that thread based on the title.
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    Damn, no wonder why nobody but me is funny anymore. Someone tries to tell a joke and you just berate the poor idiot.
    I think that joke was funny for Smurf. Mentally retarded people laugh at things like that and you just need to understand that Smurf is special and you all should leave him alone.
    I'm on your side Smurf. You are funny, and a good boy.
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