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When Is Violence Justified?

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    Do you think that violence is justified in order to stop violence?
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    The question is not about violence, but about the meaning of justification
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    yes, it is
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    I don't care if it is justified or not, if someone comes at me or mine with the intent of bodily harm I will do whatever it takes to defend myself. However, I do share the sentiment of Isaac Asimov who said, "Violence is the last resort of the incompetent". If I do have to resort to violence I feel it is a failing on my part.
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    justifications is a reason for action. If violence comes without a reason which is not violence, maybe violence is justified in order to stop it.

    If the reason is violence, maybe all violence is justified or all not.
    Otherwise if the problem which causes the violence can be solved nonviolently, why not to stop violence by solving the problem. If the problem can only be solved by violence, why do you resort to violence stop violence?
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    There are three answers (solutions) to this problem.It is justified relative to the person who has been hurt by the initial violent act, but it is not justified to the person who initially caused the violence as that person would in no way would want to receive back violence. In a concious frame of reference apart from man, it is neither justified nor unjustified, it does not exist!
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    I think sometimes violence is even justified against non-violence (depending on how you define violence).

    If you don't have access to authorities and you're being imprisoned, blackmailed, or somehow oppressed by somebody, violence may be the best action to secure your freedom.

    Again, it depends on your definition of violent.

    If we go with the standard:

    then somebody could poison you to death without being violent. Somebody could also hold you against your will without being violent. Violence may be the only way out for you.

    So in my opinion, violence itself isn't bad, it's how it's used, just like anything else.
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    When is justice violent? What justifies violence? What is violent justice? What justifies justice? Justice without violence reveals violence without justice, but justice with violence is a violent justice and a justified violence, and if that is so then when will violence stop? It most certainly wouldn't be the result of the bolded formerly defined just cause. For violence to stop, just must be only of a peacefull act in the mind of the Human Being. If one desires peace then one can not justify violence, for violence justified is not a peace at all, and to justify violence for thy own enemy is to create more of a war/attack that is already in place.

    What is just about violence? Are we speaking of the currently rotted Human morality or of existential/universal cause and effect, that which are eternally perpetuated? The act(s) of bartered violence will only reciprocate and is only a reciprocation, and a weak one at that. Violence in a limited and enclosed system is weak and will eventually self destruct, love is strong, love is eternal.

    Opinions are freely entitled and allowed as is alacrity and sumnolency, yet the consequences of and from actions and effects are a conscious one's endless prison or paradise rendered of personal choice by means of the macro environment and its decisions simultaneously through and of both the precedently mentioned.
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    In an atmosphere of violence to defend onself is justified. What is more important to consider is why this atmosphere of violence has come about. What is it that turns a particular country, race, group into an enemy. Violence on a large scale as in a war only leads to further anger and hatred and oppression. Why is it that mankind despite being so "intellegent" is a slave to anger, the answer lies in understanding one-self.
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