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When love began.

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    Love had a beginning. It began with the original emotion.

    Something caused my world to move.

    Before that time did not exist. No truth existed. No beauty existed. No 1 + 1 = 2. No form of energy existed.

    The original emotion, like all emotion that followed cannot be duplicated, so whatever started it is divine.

    The start of emotion is not outside the heart because the heart contains love. Love is the only thing that can exist in the heart but it needs emotion.

    Love has much energy and love is real.

    Love must have existed before emotion began.

    Love is notions that can be counted. Love is boundless.

    Love can appear in more than one place at the same time.

    The same love can appear over and over again.

    Love is not the sole property of the animal, or vegetable, or mineral heart.

    Love is not nothing. Love is something.
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    That's so funny, I was just reading something that was astonishingly similar and also helped prove the existence of God :tongue:
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    Truly inspired.
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    That actually made me shiver.
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    Actually I'm going to print this and send it to 100 hot chicks on OKCupid.com, within minutes I'm sure they'll be all over me.
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    Whatever has been loved cannot be unloved.
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    P. Gnocchio, Love is a many splintered thing. (1997)
    P. Pig, That's all, lovers. (2003)
    D. Duck, Love season. (2006)
    B. Bunny, Carrot seasoning. (2010)
    henryB, When time began. (2011)
    V. Gates, How's it going, love? (2014)
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    Ok Pengy Bird,

    We will sit here with our popcorn till they do, and we expect an honest account of the hit rates on your profile, no details, just hits. A spreadsheet will suffice just fine.

    Rhody... :redface: :smile:
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    Love is spontaneous,
    always catches me by surprise!
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    I like Serena

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    Shouldn't Evo be on this list too?
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    Ivan Seeking

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    A heart-touching all-American love poem; so much so that when I was a child, it was recited every Friday evening and broadcast throughout the nation. Have a tissue at the ready for this one!

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